Council Of Organizations of the Ateneo - Manila

Always In Service


The Council of Organizations of the Ateneo - Manila envisions itself as an empowered and collaborative community of competent organizations and holistically formed students ready to proactively respond to the challenges of their time and initiate positive changes within the Ateneo community and in the greater society through the Ignatian tradition of service and excellence.


As the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo - Manila, we develop organizations as formative spaces, thereby providing Ateneans venues for critical socio-political discourse, integrated business engagement, actualized Spiritual growth, environmental action, physical, mental, and social health, cultural rootedness and exploration, creative communication, artistic expression, social immersion to uphold human dignity, and a greater appreciation and innovation through science and technology by empowering organizations to be united, effective, collaborative, and sustainable through proper guidance, dialogue, and support.


Go beyond by transcending limits and uniting in excellence.

Core Competencies

Proactive Service, Representation, and Community Empowerment

COA-M General Elections 2021

May 22, 2021

Last May 2021, the COA-M General Elections were held. The winners of the election were announced during the COA Awards livestream....

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