What we do

COA-M works to promote a vibrant and flourishing organization life in the Ateneo through its roles in being a representative, administrative, formative, collaborative, and unitive body for student organizations in the Loyola Schools.

What is COA-M?

The Council of Organizations of the Ateneo - Manila (COA-M) is the sole, autonomous, confederation of all fifty-six (56) duly-accredited student organizations in the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools. COA-M is united in developing Ateneans to become active, competent, and holistically formed leaders who contribute to nation-building through the Ignatian tradition of service and excellence.

Office of the President


Office of the President

Patricia Aquino



The Office of the President (OP) handles most of the executive procedures of the Council and ensures that all officers, ExTeam members, projects, and initiatives are aligned with the mission, vision, and goals of COA-M. Comprised of the Executive Arm and the Commission on Organizational Strategies for Mental Health (COSMH), the office has the primary role of assessing and responding to the urgent needs of the Council’s constituents. Moreover, the office mainly focuses on representation, enforcement of the provision of the Constitution and Codes, constant reporting of the status of the Council through various transparency efforts, coordinating with other offices and cluster boards, and managing council-wide efforts initiated by the office.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

COA Convention

COA Convention is one of the council’s main discussion events where the Council of Representatives (COR) convenes as a united organization community to discuss prevalent org concerns. The end goal of the convention is to propose actionable solutions towards creating long-term change as a response to the discussed concerns. The event extends to a year-long effort of monitoring and implementing the said solutions in the form of resolutions.

COA-M Org Helpdesk

The COA-M Org Helpdesk aims to provide a platform for the org community members to freely voice out their concerns and inquire about the different processes and information about the organizations and its many aspects. This will also allow for the Council to assess the community's needs at a macro scale.

Commission on Organizational Strategies for Mental Health

COSMH is one of the Council's Executive Commissions which advocates for good mental health and well-being within the Ateneo student organization community. Officers under this commission will assist the directors in crafting programs, policies, and efforts which are in line with the Council’s organizational mental health initiative and in collaboration with the Sanggunian Mental Health Coalition.

Office of the Chief-of-Staff



Yzabel Angelica “Kichee” Pinera



The Office of the Chief-of-Staff (COS) handles the execution of all personnel management efforts under COA-M which aim to assess and improve both the performance and the welfare of all members and constituents of the Council. Being the primary human resource management arm of COA-M, the department aims to use these efforts in cultivating a better sense of community within the Council. The office works to provide the necessary spaces for growth and development through initiatives that allow for the proper fostering of each member’s skills as well as surveying and responding to the needs of the organizations.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

Student Leaders Roundtable

Student Leaders Roundtable is a project spearheaded by the Office of the Chief-of-Staff where the Council invites and gathers officers of different accredited organizations of the Ateneo to discuss prevalent trends and cultures in our org community. Through this project, the Council’s relations with the members of the Council of Representatives are strengthened while we also gain a better understanding of the different organizations.

Training Seminars and Workshops

Training seminars and workshops are conducted by the department to serve as opportunities for ExTeam members to grow as leaders as well as further refine their skills in whichever fields they excel in.

ExTeam Week

COA-M ExTeam Week is the Council’s version of Tambay Week for all the valued ExTeam members within the organization. It is extremely important for ExTeam members to have a concrete avenue where they can all convene with one another and develop relationships outside the constraints of responsibilities of their respective Offices.

Office of the Secretary-General


Office of the Secretary-General

Christine Jann I. Apilado


christine.apilado@obf.ateneo.edu | coasecgen@gmail.com

As the chief administrative office of the Council, the Office of the Secretary-General (OSG) holds the crucial role of managing the Council’s key administrative affairs. The office creates, implements, and manages systems to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and organization of the Council's records, and the effective dissemination of information to all its members and constituents. The office aims to make work more efficient by keeping its facilities well-maintained as well as offering its services to other departments and projects.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

COA Website

The COA-M Website is an online communication channel for those interested in learning about the accredited organizations of the Ateneo. The site also features important information, events, and posts from the Council.

COR Drive

The Office of the Secretary-General provides the Council of Representatives (COR) with a Google Drive that contains helpful tools and information that organizations can use for their operations and their projects and initiatives. As part of the Council’s push for transparency for the organizations, the COR Drive also gives them access to the Central Board’s meeting minutes.

Org Contact Information Requests

The Office of the Secretary-General provides a contact information request service to those who need to contact the Council and the organizations.

Office of Finance Officer


Finance Officer

Nikson Kho

Finance Officer


The Office of the Finance Officer caters to council-wide endeavors such as Recruitment Week, COA Awards, and the different cluster projects by allocating funds given by the Office of Student Activities (OSA). The office also serves as the student representative for all finance matters and concerns brought up to the school administration. The office also caters to the different needs of all accredited COA-M organizations and acts as a consultative body with regards to finance and in several areas of marketing, specifically in collaboration efforts with other organizations.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

COA Doghouse

The COA Doghouse is a moderated Facebook group that provides a platform for Organizations to raise funds and highlight the organization’s core advocacy. It aims to bring the ateneo organization culture to the online space, making students feel what Ateneo is like.

I-Donate Campaign

The I-Donate Campaign is a year long initiative that empowers accredited organizations to partner with different communities heavily affected by COVID. It aims to create a centralized donation directory that allows benefactors to choose which sector they want to donate to. In line with this, COA-M will provide financial support to these partnered institutions.

COA Subsidy

The COA Subsidy is a year long initiative that provides financial assistance for organizations to jumpstart their flagship projects. In line with this, it supports the application of their unique core competencies for the greater good of the community.

Office of the Vice President for Creative Communications


Office of the Vice President for Creative Communications

Assumpta Nina D.G. San Andres

Vice President for Creative Communications


The Office of the Vice President for Creative Communications (OVPCC) holds the responsibility of handling COA-M’s visual identity and branding. Spearheaded by the VP for Creative Communications, this office is tasked to conceptualize and create publication materials for the council, uphold the branding manual, initiate efforts and changes regarding the visual identity of the council, and handle all social media platforms of COA-M. Additionally, OVPCC is also in charge of screening and approving all submitted publication materials to be posted on COA-M's accounts, as well as making necessary edits and adjustments prior to posting.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

COA-M Promotions Services

This service aims to help orgs with their promotional blasts by giving them the option to have their content and initiatives blasted on the COA-M Social Media Pages. To avail this service, kindly fill up this form: bit.ly/COA20BlastForm and wait for a confirmation message from our team.

Kwentuhang MVP

COA-M’s Official Radio show, entitled “Kwentuhang MVP”, is a talk show aired through Radyo Katipunan, that features different members of the Ateneo Org Community to highlight their individual experiences as org members. The show aims to provide a platform and an avenue for orgs to share their best practices and promote their projects and initiatives. The radio show acts as a pseudo-MVP where most org work and activities happen.

Creatives Communications Workshops

The CC Workshops, which are part of the COA-M Workshop Series, are a series of workshops that aim to help student leaders tap into their creativity and kickstart their creative journeys through both soft and hard skills, beginning by delving into creativity as a form of problem-solving, basic design concepts and elements, as well as, the basics of Creative Cloud Applications such as Adobe Photoshop.

Office of the Vice President for Organizational Strategies and Research


Office of the Vice President for Organizational Strategies and Research

Christian Amiel Deuna

Vice President for Organizational Strategies and Research


The Office of the Vice President for Organizational Strategies and Research (OVPOSR) oversees the creation of a conducive environment for organizations to grow and develop by utilizing business research, organizational assessments, and strategy creation. These will be accomplished through the execution of different projects such as extensive organizational studies and various assistance efforts for COA-M organizations. The office aims to promote strategic management within COA-M organizations through a data-driven approach of assessing the current systems and structures of the COA-M community. Additionally, the office hopes to conduct studies and implement crafted organizational strategies that the AdMU LS community can benefit from.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

RecWeek Study

RecWeek Study is a yearly OVPOSR project that aims to analyze the demographic of the COA-M community through data collected from COA-M RecWeek. Additionally, the research includes an impact assessment of COA-M RecWeek as a harbinger of organizational life in the AdMU LS society. By incorporating both sections of research, OVPOSR will be able to identify the organizational culture that COA-M RecWeek propagates to the LS community.

Org Management Kit

The Org Management Kit is a compilation of guides that can help organizations in their daily operations. With the collaboration of the different offices of COA-M, the kit will include various tools and frameworks regarding Creative Communications, Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Strategies and Research, and Project Management. These resources will be publicly released for AdMU student leaders.

Organizational Strategies and Research Tools and Frameworks Menu

The Organizational Strategies and Research (OSR) Tools and Frameworks Menu is a compilation of guides that organizations can use in performing organizational analysis and practicing organizational development. Different tools are included so that each organization can utilize the different resources that cater to each organization’s needs. The materials found in the menu will help organizations recognize the problems that they may be experiencing and craft solutions to resolve these challenges.

Office of the Vice President for Special Projects


Office of the Vice President for Special Projects

Lorenzo Ma. Raphael B. Pisig

Vice President for Special Projects


The Office of the Vice President for Special Projects (OVPSP) is in charge of ideating, implementing, and executing all Council-wide projects. The OVPSP also serves as the Council’s consultative firm for project management-related matters. The Office finds ways to assist organizations through PM-related challenges through its various projects and initiatives.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

COA RecWeek

COA RecWeek is the school year’s first and largest organization recruitment event. Through this project, COA-M aims to assist organizations in showcasing themselves and recruiting prospective members. The project also aims to highlight the vibrant org community in Ateneo, and allow freshmen and younger members to be introduced to org life.

COA National Awards

COA National Awards is a year-end culminating activity held to honor and recognize excellent student organizations, and to provide inspiration to the organization community to strive towards nation-building efforts. This project is in collaboration with the organization councils of the five Ateneo universities nationwide.

PM is Key

PM is Key is a Facebook group that serves as a community of project managers around the Council. The group aims to provide project managers with channels to meet, consult, and collaborate with one another. The OVPSP moderates and facilitates this group through initiatives such as discussion threads, focus groups, kapihan sessions, and event calendars and databases.

Office of the Vice President for Training and Development


Office of the Vice President for Training and Development

Maria Annika D. Coscolluela

Vice President for Training and Development


The Office of the Vice President for Training and Development is responsible for identifying and providing the organization community with resources and services focused on formation and development. Ultimately, the office aims to ensure that the Atenean organization experience forms students to be better people and leaders.

Cluster Projects & Initiatives

Workshops, Learning Resources and Campaigns

The department organizes workshops, as well as creating informative campaigns and learning resources on relevant topics for organizations, student leaders, and the general population. Through these endeavors, we aim to serve our constituents by addressing their common concerns, providing relevant resources, and cultivating learning culture.

SOAR Assistance

In partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Organizational Strategies and Research, this effort aims to help organizations with the SOAR accreditation process. This effort will provide them with resources, tools, and access to consultancy with both offices.


We provide supplementary consultancy services for organizations to help them with their human resource management and strategies, as well as member formation. This includes guidance on creating efforts related to these topics such as seminars, training, and the like.