Analysis and Discourse Cluster

The Analysis and Discourse Cluster (ADC) is a community of eight organizations with diverse core competencies such as debate, economics, international relations and leadership, statistics development, non-traditional theater, and politics. Together, these organizations under ADC share a united vision of engaging individuals in critical analysis and informed discourse that create positive social impact geared towards nation-building. This year, ADC aims to foster growth, withstand challenges, and be the catalyst of change. Having said that, ADC will provide support for all its eight organizations through building each other up to be able to strengthen its foundations as well as to enlighten and educate other people. With the uproaring number of social, economic, international, and humanitarian issues, ADC stands with the Filipino people in triumphing their rights. More than being empathetic, we put effort into understanding the struggle of minorities and place high regard on their needs and bring light on these. Given that our fortes ignite in that idea of analyzing the current status of the country globally and locally, we are now given the opportunity to spark change and give more voices on the ongoing conversation in the community.

Cluster Representatives

Jubelle Gordo

Formation & Development Officer