Intercultural Relations Cluster

The Intercultural Relations Cluster (IRC) is made up of five organizations, namely: Ateneo Celadon, Ateneo Hinomoto, Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura (ALAC), Ateneo Student Exchange Council (ASEC), and Baybayin Ateneo. This cluster provides avenues for Ateneans to experience the world’s diverse cultures and unique local heritage through endless festivities. IRC aspires to be the leading group of organizations that foster a deeper sense of understanding and stewardship on its members while being founded on the shared values of diversity and multicultural awareness, inclusivity, integration, and exchange. Through this, the cluster hopes to empower others to be responsible global citizens, especially in today's dynamic cultural landscape. This year, IRC aims to provide organizations and individuals alike to have a means to speak through different avenues and to listen to other people in return.

Cluster Representatives

Samantha Chiu

Formation & Development Officer