Ateneo Statistics Circle


We, the Ateneo Statistics Circle, strive to build a community of critical decision-makers through highly competent researchers, analysts and leaders. As such, we aim to form analytical and resourceful members, equipped with a wide array of statistical knowledge. With this, we endeavor to promote and develop statistical application in the Ateneo community’s decision-making. In effect, we develop a group of individuals with an open mindset and a proactive disposition towards nation-building.


Data driven solutions

Core Competencies


Top 3 Projects

A-Stat Research Summit

The A-Stat Research Summit is a week long conference and research exhibit, showcasing projects of undergraduate students who wish to have a platform to share their research to the community.

Self-initiated Studies

We at A-Stat commit ourselves to relevant social issues through our research efforts. Among other researches that the org has done, we're currently tackling data behind the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Stat Cup

Confident in how well you know your statistics? Make a team or go solo!
How far can you go? We at A-Stat hosts a competitive three round quiz-bee. Join us in this thrilling Statistics Cup.