To avail of any of the services listed below, kindly answer the Contact Us form.

SOAR Assistance

The Office of the Vice President for Training and Development, in partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Organizational Strategies and Research, aims to help organizations with the SOAR accreditation process. This effort will provide them with resources, tools, and access to consultancy with both offices.

Creative Workshops

The CC Workshops, spearheaded by the Office of the Vice President for Creative Communications, are part of the COA-M Workshop Series, are a series of workshops that aim to help student leaders tap into their creativity and kickstart their creative journeys through both soft and hard skills, beginning by delving into creativity as a form of problem-solving, basic design concepts and elements, as well as, the basics of Creative Cloud Applications such as Adobe Photoshop.


We provide supplementary consultancy services for organizations to help them with their human resource management and strategies, as well as member formation. This includes guidance on creating efforts related to these topics such as seminars, training, and the like.

COA Subsidy

The COA Subsidy is led by the Finance Officer and is a year long initiative that provides financial assistance for organizations to jumpstart their flagship projects. In line with this, it supports the application of their unique core competencies for the greater good of the community.

Organizational Analysis Services

This service aims to assist organizations in recognizing the challenges they are facing and equipping them with the necessary skills to combat these problems. This will be accomplished through a complete organizational analysis that audits the financial health of the organization, analyzes the organizational structures, systems, and culture of the organization, and identifies the root causes of the problems of the organization. Reports will be created and different strategies will be recommended so that organizations can resolve their challenges.

Workshops, Learning Resources and Campaigns

The department organizes workshops, as well as creating informative campaigns and learning resources on relevant topics for organizations, student leaders, and the general population. Through these endeavors, we aim to serve our constituents by addressing their common concerns, providing relevant resources, and cultivating learning culture.

COA Doghouse

The Finance Officer's project, COA Doghouse, is a moderated Facebook group that provides a platform for Organizations to raise funds and highlight the organization’s core advocacy. It aims to bring the Ateneo organization culture to the online space, making students feel what Ateneo is like.

Project Management Consultancy

This service is open to organizations who need assistance in any part of their project management systems and cycles. The OVPSP can be of assistance by curating seminars, resources, and other kinds of engagements contextualized to the org’s situation to help them address any PM-related challenges they have.

COA-M Promotions Services

This service by the Office of the Vice President for Creative Communications aims to help orgs with their promotional blasts by giving them the option to have their content and initiatives blasted on the COA-M Social Media Pages. To avail this service, kindly fill up this form: and wait for a confirmation message from our team.

Project Management Workshops

PM workshops are talks, seminars, or roundtable discussions on relevant topics related to project management. This aims to serve as a way to introduce to organizations new and creative practices to integrate into their own project management cycles. This also allows for common concerns related to PM to come to light, and to find collective solutions for these within the org community.

COA Connect

The Office of the President's COA Connect aims to provide a platform for the org community members to freely voice out their concerns and inquire about the different processes and information about the organizations and its many aspects. This will also allow for the Council to assess the community's needs at a macro scale.

Org Contact Information Request Form

The Office of the Secretary-General's Org Contact Information Request Form is an initiative that provides contact information to those who need to contact the Council and the organizations. To avail this service, kindly fill up this form: and wait for a confirmation message from our team.