Always in Service

Avail of the different services that COA-M offers to organizations!

COA HR Contact Form

Please use this form for availing of HR services like Office Grievances, LOA application, Resignation, other HR Concerns.


COA-M Finance Market Research

A collaboration with the Finance Department and Sector Based Cluster, this study contains insights gathered from the COA-M First Semester Market Research survey. The goal is to assist organizations in their fundraising initiatives by looking at demographic, online purchase preferences, and organizational initiatives!


HEC: IN-Form Newsletter

This is an initiative to attract more attention towards the initiatives, projects, and fundraiser activities of the different HEC organizations towards their target audience.

Creatives and Promotions

HEC Linked-Up

This is a compilation of resources, links, and contact details to provide an ease of access.

Contact Resources

HEC Subsidy

This is an initiative that aims to provide the necessary financial resources, promotional or transportational, towards the HEC organizations.


IRC Consultations

Consultations can be made with the IRC AO and FDO for any relevant concerns. The cluster officers can also connect you to any of the IRC organizations.

Consultancy Contact

IRC Promotional Services

Promotional Services include the blasting of content through the IRC Facebook Page in order to increase engagement. This may also include tapping its member organizations to do the same.

Consultancy Contact Creatives and Promotions

OSR Data Analysis / Consultation

We can conduct an Exploratory Data Analysis on any dataset your organization / COA Department has and will produce a report or presentation to present our findings! We are also able to conduct consultations with any organization or department to help them improve their data collection and/or data analysis processes!


PM Is Key

PM Is Key is a consultancy initiative of SP that aims to conduct needs-based assessments to determine problems faced by the orgs this year, as well as, provide them with an online platform to engage in a discussion on these.

Consultancy Project Management

PM Kit

The COA-M Project Management Kit is a repository of important documents, templates, and other resources that orgs can utilize for their projects. The PM Kit is free to use for all members of our organizations.

Project Management Resources

PM Workshops

PM Workshops are workshops spearheaded by the office that focus on helping the organizations with certain aspects of Project Management, as well as, workshops specifically designed for organizations upon request. These are done on a needs-based basis throughout the year. Some workshops we have done in the past include PM Refreshers and Post-Project Evaluations Workshops.

Project Management Workshops

RecWeek Study

A collaboration with the Special Projects department and COA RecWeek Core Team, this study evaluates the success and effectiveness of RecWeek via evaluation form responses and a comparison with previous years' ratings. This study also contains insights on the COA organizational culture based on RecWeek sign-up data and demographic data!


STC Superfamily Focus Group Discussions

Every start of the semester, the STC EB Officers get together to meet their counterparts in other orgs and to discuss insights from their experiences, evaluate current measures, and raise concerns for the semester.

Consultancy Resources

STC Workshop Request Form

The Workshop Request Form (WRF) is for STC Org officers that need workshops, seminars, or training for their respective departments or organizations. Workshop requests can range from project management to leadership training as per the approval of the STC FDO and STC Programs Deputies. A lead time of three weeks is required upon request of the workshop.

Resources Workshops